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Adult Learning Center Services

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ESL Classes

English-as-Second-Language (ESL) classes are available for those who want to gain more language skills if English is not their first language. Class sessions begin with an orientation and a series of reading and listening tests in order to determine the student’s skill level. Instructors meet with students individually throughout the session to be sure goals are being met and progress is made.

The ALC offers three levels of class each session. The ALC offers ESL classes throughout the year in the fall, spring, and summer. Classes are approximately 10-12 weeks long and meet two hours a day, Monday thru Thursday. Both day and evening classes are available.  

GED Testing

GED Testing is available each month in English and Spanish at the DCCC ALC. There are five tests:  social studies, science, reading, math, and writing. Tests are given over a two day period once a month. Official GED exams are administered on the third Wednesday and Thursday of every month. Successful completion of the official GED practice tests (OPT) is required before being allowed to make a reservation for the official GED tests. The OPT is held on the second Tuesday of each month from 1:00pm-6:30pm. The combined five practice tests take about 4-5 hours to complete while the entire official GED test series takes about 8 hours to complete.

The test fee is set by the Kansas Board of Regents. Currently the fee is $85.00 for all five official tests. Testers will also be charged $50.00 to take all five practice tests. Testers must have a valid ID available at the time of testing. GED Tests are graded by a web-based scoring service, and scores are usually available within 2-3- days. A Kansas State High School diploma is awarded to those who successfully complete the GED Tests.

Anyone interested in GED testing should call the GED Testing Center (620.225.0186) at the ALC. Reservations and payments for testing must be made in advance.

Additional Adult Learning Center Services

  • Computer and Technology
  • Citizenship Skills
  • Writing Skills 

Additional Information

The Adult Learning Center serves individuals who are at least 16 years old. Program participants who are 16 or 17 must have a disclaimer from the high school in their resident district and be accompanied on the GED test session by a parent/guardian who can sign educational forms. 

For additional information please call 620.225.0186 or come by our facility at 700 Ave G., Dodge City, KS 67801.  

Hours Of Operation

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