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Fine Arts Department


The Fine Art Department at Dodge City Community College offers comprehensive programs emphasizing creative and analytical thought, observation, self-expression, as well as technological and practical skills. Degrees offered include the Associate of Arts which is a transfer degree designed to satisfy the primary education requirements at the Regents’ universities in Kansas while allowing for a block of studio art courses.  

Fine Art courses include Drawing (Beginning- Advanced/ Traditional- Contemporary), Painting (Beginning- Advanced/ Traditional- Contemporary), Ceramics (Wheel Thrown Pottery and Contemporary Sculpture), Metalsmithing (Jewelry), Lampworking (Glass Bead Making) and Photography (Black & White and Digital), Elementary School Art, Design I&II. 


Devlin Goldworm, Assistant Professor of Art, teaches the 2D disciplines at Dodge City Community College including Painting, Drawing, and Design.  Devlin earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Drawing with a minor in Painting from Fort Hays State University and earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics with a minor in Drawing from Kansas State University.  He has taught At Dodge City Community College since 2007.  Before coming to DCCC, Devlin was an adjunct instructor at Fort Hays State University from 2002.  His work has been exhibited in many international, national, regional and state juried and invitational exhibitions, as Devlin remains active in his discipline.  He is a member of several art organizations, including the College Arts Association, Southern Graphics Counsel, Hays Arts Council, Kansas Artist and Craftsman Association, and the 2nd Ave Art Guild.

Jennifer Nolan: Instructor of Art Jennifer Nolan attended Fort Hays State University from which she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Kansas Teachers Certificate in Art K-12 and later her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics with a minor in Jewelry Design in 2006. As a professional ceramic sculptor and jeweler, Jennifer uses images from the forties and fifties as to portray narratives of the atomic age. Her work has been exhibited in several state, regional and national juried exhibitions and publications. Jennifer is an active board member of the Kansas Artist and Craftsman Association, the 2nd Ave Art Guild of Dodge City and an active member of the National Council on the Education of the Ceramic Arts as well as the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. 

Art Club

The Art Club of Dodge City Community College is made up of students who are interested in widening their understanding of the visual arts through travel and community service. Over the past few years students have raised money for these activities through bake sales, t-shirt sales and pottery sales. Trips have included the yearly Kansas Artists and Craftsmen Association Conference and the museums and art destinations of Kansas City, Denver, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our most noticeable volunteer activity is our reoccurring mural series. Locations include the grain elevators north of Sunnyside Elementary and the retaining wall on Ash and 3rd avenue, both located in Dodge City. The students worked with the city in planning and finding the resources to complete these projects.

College Catalog

This catalog contains the curriculum information a student needs in planning his or her studies at Dodge City Community College.  All students need to become familiar with the language of the college catalog and the necessity of planning a sequence that will provide either a one-year certificate or a two-year degree.  Advisors are provided to assist students in planning their academic program.  As a student, please make sure that you consult your advisor for guidance in planning a program of study.  Students are ultimately responsible for assuring that their academic program meets the requirements for graduation and/or transfer to another degree granting institution.

Contact Information

Devlin Goldworm
Associate Professor of Art
2501 N. 14th Ave.
Dodge City, KS 67801

Jennifer Nolan
Associate Professor of Art
2501 N. 14th Ave.
Dodge City, KS 67801