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Criminal Justice/Police Science

The Criminal Justice/Police Science program focuses on career preparation in various criminal justice and correctional fields. The program is designed to provide a broad-based introduction to criminal justice and correctional systems, as well as provide training in specialized fields including law enforcement of adults and juveniles, the court system, jails, prisons, community corrections, intermediate corrections, and juvenile correctional facilities. 

A student of the Criminal Justice/Police Science program may be complete either a degree or certificate program. For a degree program in criminal justice students must complete the specified criminal justice courses along with the requirements of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Applied Science degree. 
For a student who wants a career as a police or corrections officer at the local, county, or state level, this program provides all the necessary coursework to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree and exceed the minimum qualifications for those positions. Associate degree holders are qualified to handle the following jobs:

  • Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff
  • Security Guard
  • Private Investigator
  • Corrections Officer
  • Highway Patrol Officer
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation Agent
  • Military Police or Military Intelligence
The following are courses offered for students enrolled in the program. 
  • CJC101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJC102 Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • CJC110 Introduction to Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • CJC121 Basic Firearms
  • CJC122 Intermediate Firearms
  • CJC123 Advanced Firearms
  • CJC180 Justice Administration
  • CJC190 Courtroom Survival
  • CJC201 Juvenile Delinquency
  • CJC220 Criminology and Deviance
  • CJC228 Modern Day Patrol Response
  • CJC240 Narcotics Investigations
  • CJC241 Internet Crime Investigations
  • CJC250 Introduction to Criminal Law
  • CJC255 Introduction to Criminal Procedure
  • CJC259 Internship in Criminal Justice
  • CJC262 Organized Crime
  • CJC263 Gangs
  • CJC264 Terrorism
  • CJC270 Readings in Criminal Justice and Corrections
  • CJC280 Criminal Investigations
  • CJC281 Interviewing and Interrogation

College Catalog

This catalog contains the curriculum information a student needs in planning his or her studies at Dodge City Community College.  All students need to become familiar with the language of the college catalog and the necessity of planning a sequence that will provide either a one-year certificate or a two-year degree.  Advisors are provided to assist students in planning their academic program.  As a student, please make sure that you consult your advisor for guidance in planning a program of study.  Students are ultimately responsible for assuring that their academic program meets the requirements for graduation and/or transfer to another degree granting institution.

Contact Information

Travis Grasser
Professor of Criminal Justice
2501 N. 14th Ave.
Dodge City, KS 67801