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Electrical and Power Transmission

This program is designed to teach students about electricity and the necessary physical work involved in the electric world.  If a student is interested in getting into a career that is based on outside activity rather than inside activity, and physically capable of physical work, but wants to be rewarded for such physical, outdoor work, then this might be what they are looking for.

The program will teach you the basics of electricity, transformers, generation, maintenance, and how to climb a power pole.  A student will learn the necessary elements to beginning in the electric maintenance field.  If a student is interested in working for a city, an REA, or a contractor, they will learn the differences and the similarities of each of possible areas.  

The electrical lineman will be required to work outdoors in all weather, work voltages from 120 volts up to as high as 500 thousand volts. 

Because not everyone wants to learn this trade, or wants to work with electricity, this has become a very rewarding career.  An apprentice lineman can begin to work for as little as 15.00 per hour to as high as 22.00 per hour.  After a four year apprenticeship the person will become a 'journeyman lineman', and his pay can range from 28.00 per hour up to over 40.00 per hour, plus benefits.  The pay range depends on what field they go into, (municipal, REA, or contractor).  It also depends on geography, where in the United States or Canada they want to work.

If this kind of work sounds interesting to you, come visit with our Professor to better understand what is required and what you will learn.

College Catalog

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Contact Information

Danny Hopkins
Professor of Electrical Power Technology
2501 N. 14th Ave.
Dodge City, KS 67801

Aaron Robertson
Professor of Electrical Transmission Systems
2501 N. 14th Ave.
Dodge City, KS 67801