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Online Courses   

  • Courses that are designed to be taught over extended distances using the Internet. These courses feature 100% online instruction where students and instructors have no face-to-face contact. 
  • There are no scheduled sessions in a classroom so successful students must be self-disciplined if they are to participate in the course. Online coursework provides tremendous flexibility in scheduling; however, most courses still include very rigid project due dates.
  • Since coursework is provided through the Internet only, access to appropriate technology is essential. 
  • College credit earned through online courses transfer to other colleges just like traditional on-campus courses.
  • DCCC online courses are offered through two different sites: EDUKAN and Canvas. Once you have completed the admissions process and received your login information, enrollment in MyDC3Web courses is completed here. You can enroll in EDUKAN courses on the EDUKAN site at any time.

Hybrid courses   

  • Hybrid courses have a substantial amount of coursework and content online but include scheduled, face-to-face class times. Students in these classes spend less time in the classroom but more time online than traditional classroom courses.
  • Like online courses, credits transfer to other colleges just like traditional courses.
  • You can see which courses are offered in a hybrid format by going here and choosing Hybrid Courses from the Campus option. Enrollment is completed here.

For more information about Online or Hybrid courses speak with your DCCC advisor or contact the Distance Education department at (620) 227-9296 or .