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Cosmetology and Nail Technology, Cosmetology Instructor Training

The Cosmetology program prepares individuals with the skills necessary to become a licensed cosmetologist, as required by the Kansas Board Of Cosmetology. Students interested in continuing their studies toward an Associate of Applied Science degree should consult with the program advisor.

Cosmetology has to complete Cosmetology I,II,III, & IV total of 1500 clocked  hours. The program takes 1 year to complete. 44 credit hours are earned and they can work towards their Associates of Applied Science. 

The Nail Technology program prepares individuals with the skills necessary to become a licensed nail technician, as required by the Kansas Board of Cosmetology.

Nail Tech is clocked 350 hours and takes about 3 1/2 months. 

Instructor Training is 350 clocked hours for a licensed Cosmetologist who has at least one year experience otherwise they have to get 450 clocked hours.

This program will prepare the licensed Cosmetologist to be able to instruct all of the Cosmetology program.

All three of these require a High School diploma or GED. They must pass Written and Practical State Board exam with at least a 75 %.

They must purchase a Cosmetology Kit, apprentice license, and name tag for Cosmetology Program and pay for exams.

Nail Tech must purchase a Nail Tech Kit, apprentice license, and name tag for the Nail Tech program, and pay for exams.

Instructor training must purchase an apprentice license, name tag and pay for exams

All 3 programs must buy book bundles for their course.


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Contact Information

Julie Taylor-Birney
Director/Professor of Cosmetology
2501 N. 14th Ave.
Dodge City, KS 67801