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Electrical Transmission System Technology

The electrical power transmission system technician career is a demanding construction job, building or maintaining high voltage electrical power lines which transmit electrical power from the generation plants to substations, where electrical power is step down to standard supply voltages and distributed electrical companies which sells it to both commercial and residential customers. 

This program is designed to give potential students, who are interested in working as a high voltage lineman, the opportunity to develop needed skills, and credentials, that employers and contractors of the power line industries are looking to hire, and train to become lineman. The career field offers the opportunity of high paying careers, with plenty opportunities of advancement and job opportunities with 25%-40% of today’s employees retiring in the next 4-10 years

This can be a rewarding career field, where students will learn, safety, how electricity is generated and supplied, electrical theory, electrical essentials, the construction of power lines, the maintenance and repair of power lines, the operation of line equipment, substations, switch yards, generation plants, and how to build, connect, and tie power circuits  together.

Other related career fields which this course would benefit, in the power line industry would be meter technicians, substation technicians, power plant operations, system operators, system dispatchers, service repairman, warehouse personnel, maintenance personnel, management positions, and safety personnel.  
Students interested in this field of work should be in a moderate physical condition, able to pass criminal background checks, able to obtain a commercial driver’s license, not have a fear of heights, and be prepared to work in all types of weather conditions. 

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Contact Information

Louis Stegman
Professor of Electrical Transmission System Technology
2501 N 14th Ave
Dodge City, KS  67801