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Dome FAQ

Where will the Community Activities Center be located?
It will be located on the college campus just east of the science building parking lot.  Southeast of the old tennis courts.

Is the Community Activities Center an athletic complex?
It’s a community and student activities center.  It will have a basketball court, up stairs walking track, and workout equipment.  There will be a snack bar, room with stadium seating for lectures, movies, seminars, political forums, business presentations, etc.  The Center will allow us to offer an extensive student intramural program.  We do plan on playing our men’s and women’s college basketball games and our women’s volleyball games in the Center.  We’re designing seating for 1,500 spectators.

What will the Community Activities Center cost?
We have chosen Building Solutions of Dodge City, KS for our Architect. Since they are a local company, we think they will do a great job for this project since it's close to home for them. We believe it will cost around $8 million.      

How will the Community Activities Center be funded?
Through donations, grants, and operations.  We have received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) for $491,000 because it will be a FEMA approved safe room, tornado shelter.  So far we have received $745,000 in pledges and donations and are actively seeking additional donations.  We do have a list of naming opportunities associated with different levels of donations.   

The mill levy will not be increased to fund the Activities Center.

Is there a full workout facility?
Yes, we plan to move our wellness center to the Activities Center.  It will be available to students and community.

Are there fees associated with membership?
When the Activities Center is completed, we plan to have an Activities Center Board made up of students, faculty, administration and members of the community.  This board will govern the operation of the Activities Center; they will decide on membership fees, operational hours, etc.

Is the CDC (College Daycare Center) going to be located in the dome?
No, not at this time.  We have talked about a second phase where we attach rooms to the Center and move the CDC, but that’s down the road.

What is the DCCC Foundation?
The DCCC Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded March 11, 1997, dedicated solely to financially supporting Dodge City Community College.  The Foundation has a 17 member board, made up of people from throughout the Dodge City community.