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Everyone should have the opportunity to go to college and Dodge City Community College can be the link between dreams and a brighter future! 

With the help of generous donors, the Dodge City Community College Foundation helps students of all ages reach their dreams of careers, better jobs, or 4-year degrees. Funds raised through the Foundation benefit students, the campus, faculty, and many programs.

Our Foundation Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who generously volunteer their time, talent, and resources by serving the Foundation.  Foundation events directly benefit the lives of students at DC3, while creating a spirit of community that involves patrons, staff, faculty, guests and students. The Foundation hosts a variety of events year-long, including an auction and a golf tournament.

The Dodge City Community College Foundation, serving as the independent fundraising arm of the college, is a separate 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization working to provide funding for student and college needs not otherwise covered by tuition and tax revenues.


By making a donation through scholarships, endowments, unrestricted gifts, bequests, or by volunteering your time, you make a profound difference for students, and for the health of our communities. 


What is the DCCC Foundation?
The DCCC Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded March 11, 1997, dedicated solely to financially supporting Dodge City Community College. It is the desire of the DC3 Foundation to create a Culture of Philanthropy at Dodge City Community College. Your gift can create a "chain of philanthropy" that extends our culture of common good will into the future. The Foundation has a board, made up of people from throughout the Dodge City community. The DCCC Foundation is not only made up of the board members and administrative team, but also the faculty, students, donors, and community.

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