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Dodge City Community College Foundation Announces Third Annual Christmas Card Design Contest Winners

Dodge City Community College Foundation announced that Charlotte Chacon is the first place winner of the 2016 student Christmas card design contest. The second place winner is Hailey Collins, and third place goes to Sierra Gladman.

"When choosing the design for the card, the committee looks for several elements. We look at the quality of the artwork. This is not subjective as there are technical elements and principals of design that make an artwork pleasing to the eye, as well as the artist’s mastery of their media. Finally, we consider the originality of the design and its theme. It’s a difficult task, but it is a thrill to see our students' artwork printed and sent out to bring happiness to everyone during the Christmas season,” stated Jennifer Nolan, Asst Professor of Art.

Charlotte received $250 and 25 Christmas Cards for personal use. The 2nd place winner, Hailey Collins, recieved $150, and the third place winner, Sierra Gladman, received $100. Congratulations!