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    President's Message

    I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to Dodge City Community College Athletics!

    The cornerstone of Dodge City Community College is excellence, and as such, we are committed to excellence. Personalized attention is given to every student from our faculty and staff. Our strengths include academic intensity, career development, transferability of our courses, and the affordability of our classes. In fact, at Dodge City Community College over $750,000 is given in scholarships each year; making the College affordable. 

    Intercollegiate athletic programs provide opportunities for our student athletes and fans of all ages to share and support a common goal. These athletic programs contribute to the personal development of students. Our emphasis is on developing successful student athletes who compete in the classroom as well as they do in athletic competitions. DCCC coaches and student athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and ethical manner whether on or off the field of competition.

    On behalf of DCCC and the Board of Trustees, I thank the Alumni Booster Association, Endowment Association, DCCC Foundation, fans and advertisers for their continued support of the Conquistadors!

    Don A. Woodburn, Ph.D.