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Student Government Association

President:           Pending Fall 2012 Elections
Vice President:  Pending Fall 2012 Elections
Treasurer:          Pending Fall 2012 Elections
Secretary:           Pending Fall 2012 Elections

The Student Government Association is an organization of students for students. Its main objectives are:

  1. The promotion of students' opinions and ideas in the revision and formulation of College policies; and
  2. the development of student activities.

Student Government also plays a role in the overall maintenance and development of the College as a result of the numerous positions it maintains on institutional committees.

The Student Government Association consists of four officers elected by the student body as well as elected representatives from each campus club and members at large from the student body as a whole. Interested students are welcome to participate.

If you are interested in joining SGA please contact:

Justin Hergert
Jackson Hall (Residence Life Office)
620.227.9354 or


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