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2012 DCCC Student Recognition Ceremony

Dodge City Community College and Area Technical Center students achieving High Honors and Honors awards were recognized during a ceremony Friday, May 4. The students were inducted into DCCC's Order of Castile and presented a medallion signifying their induction.

The Order of Castile is an academic honor society that draws its name from Isabella of Castile, who commissioned Christopher Columbus as one of the first Conquistadors to be sent from Spain to explore new lands. Members of the Order of Castile are being challenged to 1) conquer new frontiers; 2) seek their fortune, and; 3) share their world views among the people with whom they associate.

Students graduating with Honors (cumulative grade point average of 3.50-3.79) wear an Order of Castile medallion suspended on a purple ribbon. Students graduating with High Honors (cumulative grade point average of 3.80-4.00) wear their Order of Castile medallion suspended on a purple and gold ribbon.

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