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DC3 News

DC3 News

Dodge City Community College Looks to the Future

Jun 18, 2014
Dodge City Community College just finished another successful year with nationally recognized faculty, state honored students and conference leading athletic teams.  Faculty, staff, students and the community are looking forward to another record breaking year on campus.

The proposed merger with Fort Hays State University has added a new dimension by helping the college identify the strengths and advantages of the community college.  DC3 continues to focus on their mission of providing a quality education at an affordable cost for students in southwest Kansas.

The merger proposal has brought on the creation of several focus groups to study the college's instruction guidelines, financial strength, accreditation processes and tax revenue options to mention only a few.  These groups are creating checklists and recommendations to insure the continued strength and success of DC3.

DC3 will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2015.  There is a long history of providing a secondary education tailored to the needs of the community and surrounding areas.  The intent of the college is to continue this same focus for many years to come.  The classes that have been the core of the Associate Degrees will continue to be offered.  The Technical Center programs, that have proven to be career centered, will continue with new programs being developed with local business’ input.  This continued relationship with businesses is to be expanded even more with the Fort Hays proposal.

Keeping tuition and fees low has always been paramount for the college.  This ideal will not change as the details of Fort Hay’s proposal develops.  A differentiated tuition structure for the first two years will keep the education affordable and at the same high quality as we currently offer.  The senior college classes will have their own tuition structure much like you would experience at any state university.  If the merger proposal does not come to fruition, you still have the comfort of knowing you have obtained an accredited certificate or associates degree.

“Over the past three years we’ve built a new women’s residence hall, remodeled student services, added a new entrance to the Student Union and campus, built a new parking lot west of the Student Union, built the new Lewis Technology Center, and installed an artificial turf soccer/football field.  A brand new men’s residence hall will open for students this fall semester and the Student Union is in its second phase of renovations with a new food service court,” stated Dr. Don Woodburn, president of DCCC.  “And, there are many things in the planning; a lecture series, where we bring in interesting, informative speakers, and breaking ground this fall on a new Community Activities Center/Tornado Shelter.”

“There are a lot of things going on at DCCC, and pursuing and negotiating a relationship with Fort Hays State University will only enhance what we already have,” added Woodburn.

Contact the Dodge City Community College Student Services and Registration staff for a full listing of classes that are being offered this summer or the fall semester.  Dodge City Community College looks forward to serving your educational needs for many years to come.  For enrollment information call 620-225-1321.