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DC3 News

DC3 News

DC3 Nursing Program Ranked Highest in 10 Years

Mar 29, 2017

The nursing program at Dodge City Community College has improved exponentially, receiving its highest state and national rankings by the National Council in State Boards of Nursing for NCLEX exam pass rates in the past 10 years. Ranked number six in the state of Kansas and number 207 in the nation, the nursing program has fought to improve steadily and their efforts are paying off.

Changing admission requirements, providing more extensive exam preparation, and focusing on helping students to improve their study skills were some pivotal improvements that were made to the program. Mechele Hailey, Director of Nursing and Allied Health stated, “There have been many changes in our department over the last 10 years. Mary Benjamin, the previous nursing director, did an excellent job preparing us for accreditation visits in 2015 and improving the overall quality of the program.  We continue to seek out opportunities for improvement to make our program the best that it can be.”

Looking to the future, the nursing program is excited to continue improving and providing more opportunities to connect the knowledge gained in the classroom with clinical experiences. They plan to add additional clinical opportunities to vary the exposure to different types of nursing as well as to hire additional nursing faculty and continue improving exam pass rates.

When asked what sets the DC3 nursing program apart from others in the area, Hailey stated, “I do believe that all nursing programs in the State of Kansas have a genuine desire to ensure that the future of nursing is the best that it can be.  The networking between programs and with the Kansas Board of Nursing is very positive and supportive.  Here at DC3, we have students, staff and faculty that have demonstrated excellent ability to adapt and overcome multiple challenges.” She also stated that many graduates of the DC3 nursing program have jobs secured before graduation. “100% of our students either enter the workforce or are continuing their education at the BSN level full time after graduation.”

If you are interested in enrolling in the DC3 nursing program or would like more information, please contact Lisa Carpenter, Administrative Assistant for Nursing and Allied Health at (620) 227-9241 or