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DC3 News

DC3 News

DC3 News

Student Recognition

Apr 26, 2017

Congratulations to the following students!!

The Spring 2017 Character Award is a prestigious award that was created based on DC3 Counselor Rekala Tuxhorn’s vision to recognize those students who demonstrate exemplary characteristics.

Morgan Robertson is a first generation college student who is described as having a good attitude, being punctual, and being proactive with her career. She is a full-time student, participant in the vocal program, and also works as a para. She would like to pursue her Master’s degree in English and teach middle school. Morgan is admired for her work ethic and dedication to making her dreams become reality.

Paul Jackson had two nominations, this semester. Paul is a Resident Assistant on campus, a football player, and a member of an off-campus Christian youth group. Paul is described by his nominators as being a very diligent student athlete who works tirelessly to complete his duties as an RA, his classwork, while continuing to participate in sports and clubs. He is kind and respectful and sees the positive in every situation. When he makes a commitment to something, he sticks with it. Paul exhibits characteristics that are not as common as they used to be. He always does everything with a smile and a positive attitude.

 ASC Tutor of the Semester

Jedda Alcee has been selected ASC Tutor of the Semester. Jedda is a freshman, originally from St. Lucia, where she attended St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School. She is a member of the DC3 Volleyball Team and plans to major in Meteorology. Jedda currently holds a 4.0 GPA and plans to transfer to a college where she can play volleyball on a scholarship. Her parents are Marie Dalsan and Elvis Alcee.

HALO Student of the Year

Selena Galan has been selected HALO Student of the Year. Selena is a sophomore, majoring in Nursing, and currently has a 3.2 GPA. She plans on transferring to Fort Hays University. She is from Macksville, Kansas and attended Macksville High School. She is the daughter of Moises and Guadalupe Galan.