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DC3 News

DC3 News

DC3 Collegiate Leadership Development Program Students Receive Completion Certificates

May 01, 2017

Members of the Collegiate Leadership Development Program (CLDP) completed the year’s series of programs on Thursday, April 27th. Each student received a certificate presented by DC3 President Dr. Harold Nolte. The students pictured attended all seven (7) sessions over the course of the 2016-2017 academic school year.

The group’s purpose is to promote leadership and to cultivate the next generation of Latino leaders through greater activism on campus and in the community. The program maintains a dialogue between the students and different college officials across campus.

CLDP member Vanessa Hernandez has found her membership in the group to be extremely helpful. She stated, “Being in Latino Leaders has really helped shape my character as a leader. Not only has it taught me to be involved on campus but in my community as well.”#conqpride

Pictured: Back row-President Harold Nolte, Fabian Dominguez, Selena Galan, Vice President, Mireya Garcia, Margarita Holgiun, Ricardo Sanchez, President, Madai Mejia Barrera, and Assistant Professor Jorge Estrella Front row-Vanessa Hernandez, Alma Garcia, Marisol Perez Martinez