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DC3 News

DC3 News

DC3 News

DC3 Tech Students Place at Annual Skills USA State Competition

May 09, 2017

Each year, the state of Kansas holds a competition for area technical program students entitled the Skills USA State Competition. The competition comprises of hands-on activities in students’ respective fields of study as well as some written exams. Winners at the state level are then invited to participate at the national level, in the Skills USA National Competition in Louisville, KY.

The following are the results from the Skills USA State Competition:

  • In Welding Fabrication, Team DCCC: Chase Ross, Carlos Ahumada, and Quintin Ellis received Bronze Medals; Team DCCC: Veronica Rios, Winter Jones, and Nelson Mendoza received 4th place.
  • In Individual Welding, Andy Ruiz received 5th place, and Joel Saenz received 11th place. 
  • In Automotive Tech, Grayston Peters received 11th place.
  • In Diesel Tech, Rick Arzaga received 25th place, and Layton Wright received 26th place. 
Skills USA is a partnership of students, industry workers, and teachers working together to provide a skilled workforce to America. Congratulations to all who participated.

Pictured:  Colby Kline, Associate Professor of Diesel Tech, Rick Arzaga and Layton Wright

Pictured:  Justin Weil, Professor of Welding, Chase Ross, Carlos Ahumada, Quintin Ellis received Bronze Medals, Veronica Rios, Winter Jones, and Nelson Mendoza

Pictured:  Jeff Cole, Professor of Automotive Tech and Grayston Peters