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DC3 News

DC3 News

DC3 Building Trades Program Partners with CHAD to Build New Residence in Dodge City

May 16, 2017

The DC3 Building Trades Program is partnering with the Community Housing Association of Dodge City (CHAD), who have received a Moderate Income Housing grant from the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation, to build a new home on a vacant lot at 1521 Mulberry Circle. Construction is scheduled to begin on the new residence in the fall of 2017.

“CHAD, with assistance from the DCCC Building Trades Program, has successfully rehabbed six homes in Dodge City and built a new moderate income home as an infill in an existing neighborhood,” stated Ford County Development Corporation Housing Coordinator Mollea Wainscott. “Building a new home in an existing neighborhood has a positive impact on the neighboring property. This innovative partnership will create more housing units for the community.”

DC3 Professor of Building Technology Pat Shiew is eager for his students to get started on the project. “This is the opportunity our students need to develop basic construction skills & earn their certifications.  They will have hands on most every aspect of this project, while helping a family afford a new home & ‘build’ back into the community.  We are very excited to have this project for our program!”

Once it is complete, the new home will be put up for sale and all of the proceeds will go back into CHAD to be used toward further neighborhood improvement projects, keeping the community beautiful. “This partnership creates neighborhood stabilization, improves the quality of the neighborhood, removes blight that is associated with vacant homes, and puts property back onto the tax roll,” said Wainscott.

If you would like more information on the DC3 Building Trades Program, please contact Pat Shiew at  For information on the Community Housing Association of Dodge City, please contact Mollea Wainscott at (620) 227-9501 ¬≠or