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About the Foundation

The Dodge City Community College Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization working to provide funding for student and college needs not otherwise covered by tuition and tax revenues. With the help of generous donors, the foundation helps students of all ages reach their dreams of careers, better jobs, or four-year degrees.

The foundation’s board of directors generously volunteer their time, talent, and resources to help sponsor events that directly benefit the lives of students at DC3 while creating a spirit of community. They host a variety of events each year, including an auction and a golf tournament.

Through your gifts to the foundation, you help create a chain of philanthropy that extends our culture of common goodwill into the future. By making a donation through scholarships, endowments, unrestricted gifts, bequests, or by volunteering your time, you make a profound difference for students, and for the health of our communities.

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DC3 Foundation Board of Directors

  • Jerad Busch – Chairman
  • Charles Esquibel – Vice Chairman
  • Kaci Davignon – Treasurer
  • Duane Ross
  • Eldon Becker
  • Vada Hermon
  • Ben Zimmerman III
  • Merle Kaufman
  • Jim Coffin
  • Floris Jean Hampton
  • Jeff Hiers
  • Greg Goff
  • Amanda Nufer
  • Sheri Cook
  • Stana Slattery
  • Dan Aistrup
  • Mark Fischer
  • Bev Kinkelaar
  • Dr. Steve Cauble
  • Larry Burke
  • Dr. Fred Dierksen
  • Danielle Stroud

Ex-Officio Members

  • Christina Haselhorst – Foundation Director, Secretary of the Board
  • Sandra Moore – DC3 Comptroller
  • Theresa Faber – DC3 Accounting
  • Dr. Jeremy Presley – DC3 Trustee Rep
  • Dr. Harold Nolte – President of the College
  • Andrea Loll – DC3 Marketing Director

Christina Haselhorst

Foundation Director