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Tuition & Fees

Student Tuition and Fees (2014-2015)

The costs indicated below are effective with the Summer 2014 term.

Tuition and fees must be paid in full, or arrangements to pay tuition and fees must be made by the 10th business day prior to the start of the academic semester. Failure to pay or make arrangements will result in the student being dropped from all classes. For more information about alternative payment arrangements, contact the Business Office at (620) 227-9216. 
Tuition (full-time or part-time, per credit hour) 
Ford County Resident  $35
Kansas (or Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah) resident   $40 
Non-Kansas Resident  $50
International students  $116 
EduKan Online (tuition and fees)  $135 
EduKan Online (Turkey – tuition and fees)  $160 
DC3 Online (tuition and fees)  $135 
Incidental fees (per credit hour) 
Ford County resident  $40 
Out of County-Kansas (or Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah) resident  $50
Non-Kansas resident  $50
International  $55 
Outreach  $20 
Parking fee (per semester) 
Seven or more credits  $20 
Registration Fee (per semester) 
Six hours or less (non-refundable)  $25 
Seven hours or more (non-refundable)  $50 
Other fees 
Guided Studies (per credit hour, for Guided Studies courses only)  $10 
Laboratory Fee (per credit hour for applicable courses)  $15 
Technology Fee (per credit hour)  $5 
Special fees 
Aviation Program Operations Fee (per certification:  PVT, INST, COM, CFI and CFII)   $1,000 
Aviation Program Operations Fee (per certification:  TT and NVG  $500 
Auto Mechanics Technology  varies 
Cosmetology I Kit  varies 
Diesel Equipment Technology  varies 
Nursing Materials Fee   varies 
Physical Education  varies 
Power Lineman Tool Kit  $1,500 
Flight Instructor Pilot Training Fees* 
Private Pilot Certification   
   R22 $27,286 
   R44  $43,148
Instrument Certification 
   R44  $47,173
Commercial Certification   
   R22  $55,284
   R44  $91,986
Certified Instructor   
   R22  $32,963
   R44  $49,353
Instrument Instructor   
   R44  $30,412
Turbine Transition   
   R66/BH206  $32,688
Night Vision Goggles (NVG)  $20,649
Pilot Training Kit (PVT-CFII)  $1,795
Supplemental Pilot Training Kit  $1,350
NVG Training Kit  $2,550
*These fees are estimated.  The actual cost for each certificated course will vary based on your ability and individual effort. 
(If you weigh over 220 lbs. or your height and weight configuration interferes with the Robinson R22 flight controls you must take all training in the Robinson R44.  If you are under 220 lbs., and you are taking your Private and or Commercial training in the R22, some long cross country flights will need to be performed in the Robinson R44 due to the fuel limitations of the Robinson R22 based on gross weight.  The Instrument course and Instrument Instructor course are only available in the Robinson R44.)

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication.  Dodge City Community College reserves the right to change, modify or alter without notice all fees, charges, tuition expenses and other costs.
Revised 1/28/14