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May 24, 2012 DCCC expounds on iPad initiative press release.

March 28, 2012 Dodge City Community College to launch iPad initiative press release.

Dodge City Community College launched an exciting new technology initiative that has enhanced the learning experience for DCCC students. Beginning with the Fall 2012 semester, every DCCC student was required to bring an Apple iPad to classes.

“We’re going to move our level of teaching and involvement with technology into the 21st century,” Dr. Don A. Woodburn, DCCC President, said. “The iPad initiative demonstrates the progressive nature of the faculty and staff at Dodge City Community College.”

The iPad initiative will immerse DCCC students in cutting-edge technology that will not only strengthen their educational experience, but help them discover their own learning style. Students’ learning styles vary and the iPad will be an excellent addition to their educational resources.

The iPads will be used to learn collaboratively with your peers and instructos through the use of effective and relevant technology in the classroom. The iPad in the classroom is about student engagement, it’s about students being a part of the learning process instead of just being recipients of information.

iConq Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve heard DCCC is going to be requiring students to have an iPad for their classes. What’s with that?
Yes, DCCC is moving the college to a 21st Century learning environment. After much discussion and research, including initiatives at other colleges, we feel the best way to provide this to our students is by immersing them in a technologically intense classroom with the latest instructional methods.

What kind of college expects their students to do this?
The kind of college that is dedicated to the ultimate life-long success of their students. Careers today and in the near future require people who can work collaboratively, can teach themselves, are adaptable to change, can communicate well and are technologically adept. Our goal as a college is to prepare you for whatever challenges you might face and we feel our iPad initiative is a fantastic way to combine all those preparations into an exciting educational experience.

But what’s this going to cost me?
Our minimum requirements will be an iPad Air, for $399 or the iPad Mini 2. We HIGHLY recommend you purchase the AppleCare extended warranty for $99. This provides a full two years of warranty and two instances of accidental damage. We also recommend a protective cover. The new "iPad Air" starts at $399 and the "iPad Mini 2" starts at $299.

That’s the same price as Wal-Mart and Best Buy and Apple online. Isn’t there an educational discount?
We wish! Apple does not offer an educational discount on any iPads purchased using any method.

Will DCCC issue one to me? Or do I need to buy it on my own?
You can purchase your iPad any way you prefer but the college does not "issue" iPads to students.

If you have financial aid available and wish to use it toward the purchase of your iPad you’ll need to order it through the college. If your financial aid will not cover the full cost - or you wish to purchase through the college without using financial aid the balance will be due at the time of purchase.

If buying your iPad & AppleCare+ through DCCC, you'll be required to pay for AppleCare+ ($99) when you pick up your iPad; even if you're using financial aid to pay for the iPad.

At this time, DCCC will only be offering two models for sale through the college: iPad Mini 2, 16GB, Wi-Fi only ($299.00) or iPad Air, 16GB, Wi-Fi only ($399.00).

DCCC will NOT be adding interest payments or otherwise monetarily profit from the sales of iPads. The cost to the student will be identical to the cost to the college.

AppleCare? What’s that?
Every iPad comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $49 service fee.

Support includes direct access to Apple experts for questions on a wide range of topics, including:
• Using iOS and iCloud
• Connecting to wireless networks
• Questions about FaceTime, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, and other Apple-branded iPad apps

AppleCare+ must be purchased at the same time as your iPad, whether through the online Apple Store or at an Apple Retail Store. However, you may purchase AppleCare+ within 30 days of the date you bought your new iPad, if you did not purchase AppleCare+ at the same time, by visiting an Apple Retail Store and having an Apple Genius verify your iPad purchase date and confirm that your iPad has no pre-existing damage. 

No matter how you get AppleCare+ for your iPad, expect to pay $99.00.

For more information check out the AppleCare+ website.

I dropped my iPad and broke the screen. Now what?
Did you get AppleCare+ when you purchased your iPad?
If so, just call Apple within two years of your purchase date and they'll get you fixed up.

If you don't have AppleCare+ you'll be paying to get it repaired. You can send it to Apple or various other companies that specialize in iPad, iPhone, & iPod repair. 

If your iPad was a gift it will be important to find out if it included AppleCare+ and what your options are if it didn't. 

This would be a good time to remind you to buy a good cover for your iPad.

I don’t know what all this “16GB, WiFi only” means. Can someone at DCCC help me?
Absolutely. You’re always welcome to contact the Admissions department or your advisor if you’ve already been accepted. You can also come on campus to the iCorner in the LRC (Library). There you’ll find helpful people who can demonstrate iPads and answer your questions. Your assigned advisor will also be a great resource.

I know nothing about technology. Will this be over my head?
Not even close. One of the best things about tablets (like the iPad) is their ease of use and quick learning curve. You’ll be up and running in minutes, it’s nearly impossible to mess it up and since all your important stuff is stored in the Cloud it takes minutes to recreate everything on a replacement iPad.

Yes, it’s super simple to learn how to use an iPad. But it’s also powerful enough we promise you will never stop learning something new.

“The Cloud”? What’s “the Cloud”?
Come to the iCorner. We can bring you up to speed.

What if I need help with the technology?
iCorner. Come to iCorner in the LRC and we’ll always be there to help you out. If it’s after hours or a holiday your iPad will include 90 days of free phone support from Apple.

I have a disability. Can I participate?
You bet! Apple has built into the iPad a number of accommodations to assist those with physical limitations.

I’ll be taking less than 12 credit hours of classes (part-time). Do I have to buy one?
If the one or two classes you’re taking use iPads in the class, then yes, you’ll need an iPad. 

All my classes are online or Guided Studies courses. Do I need to buy an iPad?
The iPad initiative at DCCC is about totally changing the traditional classroom experience and making it more engaging. Online and Guided Studies classes don’t use a traditional classroom so the iPad is not intended as an essential tool in those courses. The best plan is to contact your instructors and ask some questions.

If you’re ONLY taking online and Guided Studies courses you’re still going to need access to technology to participate in the digital content. An iPad would qualify – but traditional computers generally meet that criteria.

The online RN program includes on-site clinical courses which may have their own technology requirements. Make sure you know ahead of time what the expectations and requirements are for your courses.

Will this do me any good after I graduate from DCCC?
We can’t imagine it wouldn’t! If you’ll be entering the workforce directly, you’ve probably already seen the wide-scale use of tablets in the workplace. You’ll be hard pressed to find a profession today not utilizing tablets in some form. And it’s increasing daily.

If you plan to transfer and continue your education you’ll need to type papers, build spreadsheets and do research at the least. Better portability and longer battery life are two of the biggest reasons more college students are opting for tablets over laptops.

Can I really type a term paper on an iPad?
Yes! In fact, this entire FAQ has been typed as a Microsoft Word document on an iPad. You can also build spreadsheets (Excel or Numbers), PowerPoint presentations and do a ton of other stuff we’ll bet you never thought of.

Can’t I use my iPod Touch or iPhone instead?
Possibly. There are tens of thousands of apps that work on the iPad and not the iPhone or iPod. It’s very likely your instructors are going to use some of those and we don’t want you to miss out.

Can’t I just use my laptop or Android tablet instead?
Unfortunately, no. There are a few apps that work on iPads, Androids and laptops but it’s a very short list and would severely limit the classroom experience.

How much am I really going to use this for coursework? Is this going to be like that textbook they “require” then never use?
We already have a significant number of students on campus using Android and iPad tablets without instructors integrating them into the classroom.

A large number of full-time faculty have committed to integrating iPads into their classroom instruction. In most cases this integration will require iPads (and not work with other technology) as they’ll be reworking their curriculum and coursework to specifically focus on preparing you, the student, for a technology-rich, adaptive, 21st century career. They’ll do this expecting each of their students to have an iPad in class. If you don’t have one, you’ll be left out of the experience.

If you're concerned about your classes and how much iPads will be used in them you should contact your instructor(s).

Will I use it in every class, every day?
It’s quite possible, but not something we could guarantee. As stated above, most faculty plan to integrate them substantially. However, many part-time faculty might not be using them. Also Guided Studies and online classes do not include typical classroom settings so iPad implementation expectations are different for those.

The purpose of the iConq initiative is for students to have the best possible educational experience. For some classes the best possible educational experience may not include iPads. Quality is more important than devices so we know there will be a few courses not using them.

You will find that you will be using the iPad in many ways to enhance your education at DCCC. Just being able to keep your calander up to date, add reminders for meetings and exams, communicate with your peers and faculty members, and being able to relax with friends between classes.

The iPad is not ment to be something that will be used everyday in the classroom, but is another tool in your tool belt to enhance your 21st century educational experience at DCCC.

Is DCCC the first college to implement a student-body iPad initiative?
Nope. There have been a number across the country over the last five years. The tremendous increase in learning reported by these other colleges is one of the main reasons we chose to implement our own initiative.

Most students are entering college having used technology in the classroom since they started school.

Is the college making money on the sale of iPads to students?
Absolutely NOT! DCCC is selling iPads to students at cost. However, the college is required by law to charge sales tax. Actually, the college loses money selling iPads to students as we do not pass on shipping charges or administrative expense.

Then what does the college get out of this?
We get the greatest educational experience for our students, which helps fulfill our mission. We also get to experience a group of students who truly enjoy learning because it’s relevant, interesting, engaging, effective and exciting. Any educator at any level will confirm we get into education because we live to see students enjoying learning.

And the college makes no money on this?
We expect the college bookstore to provide some accessories for purchase both in stock and online but the college won’t be profiting from the sales of iPads.

What else will I have to buy?
As mentioned above, we recommend AppleCare protection ($99) and a protective cover ($10-$150). Many will elect to add an external keyboard ($20-$100) but it’s not necessary. Some courses may require apps to be downloaded. The vast majority of apps for education are free or 99 cents each. Faculty will provide information on the syllabus the first day of class including the total cost of any apps for the course. If you think the cost is too high, it’s a simple matter of dropping the class and re-enrolling in an alternative.

We are recommending you install the app "Pages" for Microsoft Word compatible documents. It sells for $9.99 or if you have a newer iPad -  it's FREE. There are free apps that also provide Word compatibility but our students are finding out Pages works very well, and documents can be saved in most formats that your instructor will require.

I'm a Flight Instruction student in Arizona or Utah. Do I need an iPad?
Yes you do. Aviation is one of those fields seeing rapid adoption of tablets and your instructors plan to include them in your coursework.

Anything else you think I should know?
Like any college student at any college you should check your homeowner’s insurance policy regarding coverage of theft or damage. Rental insurance is always a reasonable alternative and is very inexpensive.

Okay. I’m coming to DCCC. How do I get my iPad?
You can buy one from your favorite store, online or you can order one through the college.

If you wish to order through the college you’ll just need to let Admissions know which model you would like. A month or so before the semester begins you’ll hear back from Admissions asking you to confirm your attendance and preferred model. You can pick up your iPad as soon as your financial aid and/or payment arrangements have been made.

How soon can I make payment arrangements?
You should enroll and apply for financial aid now. Once complete, you can make payment arrangements.

For more information check out Apple's iPad website.