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Online Education

At Dodge City Community College, we recognize that higher education doesn’t always mean sitting in a classroom. That’s why we offer online learning opportunities so that you can to do part of your learning from the comfort of your home. With the growing interest in online education, there are some colleges that offer the ability to use lecture capture to teachers so they are able to share their classes with online students.

Online Courses

Our online courses are designed to be taught using the internet. These courses feature 100% online instruction where students and instructors have no face-to-face contact.

Because there are no scheduled sessions in a classroom, success in these courses requires self-discipline. Online coursework provides tremendous flexibility in scheduling; however, most courses still include very rigid project due dates.

Since coursework is provided through the internet only, access to appropriate technology is essential.

College credit earned through online courses transfer to other colleges just like traditional on-campus courses.

DC3’s online courses are offered through two different sites: EDUKAN and Canvas. Once you have completed the admissions process and received your login information, you may use MyDC3Web to help you access these platforms.


You can enroll in EDUKAN courses on the EDUKAN site at any time. EDUKAN is a cooperative effort between six Kansas community colleges that offers over 205 courses year-round exclusively online.

Those who enroll in the online program will be able to take coursework that may lead to an associate degree from one of six participating institutions. For more info on our courses, visit

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses have a substantial amount of coursework and content online but also include scheduled, face-to-face class time. Students in these classes spend less time in the classroom and more time online than traditional classroom courses.

Like online courses, credits transfer to other colleges just like traditional courses.

Find which courses are offered in a hybrid format by going to our Advanced Course Search and choosing Hybrid Courses from the Campus option. After you’ve determined that your courses are available, you can enroll for hybrid courses.

For more information about online or hybrid courses, speak with your DC3 advisor or contact the Distance Education department: