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DC3 Board Action Regarding Investigation

Published July 14, 2017



Dodge City, KS–

During the fall semester of 2016, the College’s auditors mentioned the number of guns and amount of ammunition the College had purchased. Further inquiry by the current administration raised questions concerning the purchase and use of guns and ammunition as well as other equipment and expenditures. As a result, the Board of Trustees retained an independent attorney–Allen Glendenning-to investigate.

Mr. Glendenning conducted an investigation from mid-February through June, 2017. Issues uncovered in the investigation include: 

  • Gun related equipment delivered directly to the home of a College administrator, its receipt was not reported to appropriate College personnel and it was not used for any College purpose; 
  • A College administrator given additional pay to teach a guided studies course for which he was not qualified; 
  • The wife of a College administrator was hired as an adjunct instructor to teach a guided studies course for which she was not qualified; 
  • A College administrator created questionable certification for an adjunct instructor, had them signed by a College instructor and submitted them for inclusion in the College records of faculty qualifications. 

In an executive session at the June 27 Board meeting, Mr. Glendenning provided a report of the results of his investigation to date. That report has also been furnished to the County Attorney to determine if any criminal charges are warranted.

The report is exempted from disclosure under the Kansas Open Records Act. However, the Board believes information from the investigation does need to be made public. But it must be done at the appropriate time in an appropriate manner, with proper consideration given to all relevant issues and concerns and the legal rights of persons involved.  

The Board’s attorneys have advised that Mr. Glendenning’s report should not be released at this time for reasons including:

  • the possibility of a criminal investigation and possible criminal charges;
  • release of the report could interfere with prospective litigation; 
  • release of the report could compromise further investigation and/or personnel actions.

The Board of Trustees will follow the advice of its attorneys and allow the County Attorney or his designee to complete his review of the report. Once that is completed, the release of information concerning the investigation will be re-visited.