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Flight Instructor Pilot (Helicopter) – Locations

 Dodge City Community College – Arizona

3150 S. Gilbert Rd., Suite 5
Chandler, AZ  85286-5102
(480) 664-1229

 For its helicopter Flight Instructor Program, Dodge City Community College (DC3) Arizona operates an attractive 2,300-square-foot facility in Chandler, Ariz. This location includes a 20-student classroom that is equipped with tables, chairs, a smart whiteboard, computer, web camera, and associated technology.

The location also includes a dedicated student study area, a breakroom, a kitchen, two restrooms, and a drinking fountain for student use. In addition, there are DC3 administrative offices, including the Provost’s office, the VA Resource Center office, and the Student Services office. The Student Services office includes three student workstations with computers, which are equipped with access to the DC3 Virtual Library.

DC3 has been operating in Arizona since 2011—from 2011-2018 in Scottsdale and Prescott and from 2019 to the present in Chandler.

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DC3 Facility at Heliport

2401 S. Heliport Way
Chandler, AZ  85286-5408

DC3-Arizona pays a facility fee to Quantum Helicopters, which operates out of the Chandler Municipal Airport. This fee is for full use of Quantum’s facility, utilities, and supplies. This includes its classrooms, pilot-briefing rooms, instructor offices, restrooms, break areas, study rooms, hangar space, administration and sales offices.

Quantum is the sole operator of what is believed to be the largest public heliport in the United States. It includes 36 landing pads with taxiway access, a large turf training area, nearly 8,000 square feet of office space, and a 14,400-square-foot hangar for aircraft storage and maintenance.

Purple Helicopter in front of Quantum Building

Chandler Municipal Airport

All flight training originates at Chandler Municipal Airport. It has two hard-surfaced runways, a control tower, three approved instrument approach procedures, and meets the requirements of FAR 141.38 for day and night flight operations.

About Chandler

Dr. Alexander J. Chandler arrived in the Valley in 1887 and pictured a cutting-edge city where Chandler now sits today. He saw land that had great potential and a surrounding desert that held unimaginable beauty. Utilizing the existing canal system of the Native Americans as a blueprint, Dr. Chandler created one of the most advanced irrigation systems in the country, converting the dry desert into farmable land. Water came from both the Salt River and an untapped resource, ground water, which brought new life to the desert. On May 17, 1912, the town of Chandler was founded.

Dr. Chandler’s vision of creating a diverse city with a high quality of life has been realized, and the city of Chandler is known as an inviting, vibrant and diverse community with easy access to adventure and fun.

Today, Chandler is still on the cutting edge, and it has become one of the leaders in the computer technology field. Just 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Chandler is located in the southeast metropolitan valley and is Arizona’s fourth largest city with a population of 265,797 (as of Sept. 1, 2020). It continues to be one of Arizona’s fastest-growing communities.