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Other Resources for Current Students


Financial Aid


Here’s an overview of the various systems you have access to as a DC3 student. You can access these resources 24/7 using your Conqmail email address as the username and your date of birth as the password.


High-speed wireless internet connection available everywhere on campus.
To connect:
1. Select “DCCC_WIFI” while on campus from your device settings, you will be redirected to a network login page. Click on the link labeled, “Please click here to connect to the network”
2. Review the Wireless data agreement and click the Complete Registration button.
3. Enter your MyDC3 username and password to login


Your student portal. View your schedule, course schedules and academic history, unofficial transcripts, career services and library resources, campus closure alerts, pay your bill, access to other DC3 resources…


Learning management system for online and hybrid classes; access to e-books. Access your online courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Free Student email provided by Google. Your ConqMail email is your one stop for all communication between you and your instructors, your advisors and your classmates.

RAVE Alert

To login:
1. Click on the Register button at the top of the page.
2. Complete the form, and check the “I have read and agree to the Rave Terms of Use.” Then click Proceed to Next Step button.
3. Confirm your Mobile Carrier, and click the Proceed to Next Step button.
4. Confirm Mobile Number by clicking the link you received in your email and entering 4-digit code that is sent to you. Click the Proceed to Next Step button.


To login:
1. Go to
2. Your username is your ConqMail email address (Last Name +
3. Your password is your birthday: YYYYMMDD (i.e., 20010417)
To schedule an appointment:
1. Log in to TracCloud, and click on Schedule a Tutoring Assignment
2. Click the drop down for Choose a subject.
3. Choose a reason, i.e. Tutoring. Then, click Search.
4. Select the time that best fits your schedule. Then, click Confirm Tutoring Session.

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