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Mission & Values


DC3 will provide opportunities for high quality learning and will enhance community and personal development in a student centered environment.


DC3 will be the model among peer institutions for delivering the highest quality education and career development.

Core Values

The quality learning environment of Dodge City Community College will be fostered by the following core values:


The College will meet the needs of industry and our community and work with all organizations interested in supporting educational opportunities and will promote teamwork in decision-making processes.


The College will strive to demonstrate sensitivity and understanding.


The College will be sensitive to diversity and continue to improve processes that embrace diversity and foster understanding.


The College will improve through continuous monitoring and assessment of practices.


The College will welcome full participation of all stakeholders.


The College will exemplify honesty, fairness, reliability, and respect with regard to persons, practices, and policies.


The College will recognize and support community activity.


The College will embrace lifelong learning at all levels of the organization, promote learning throughout the area, incorporate technologies, and engage in practices that enhance learning for all.


The College will create an environment that promotes esprit de corps, open communication, and commitment to the vision of the College and needs of the region.


Dodge City Community College is a comprehensive community college, operating with an open-door admissions policy within Ford County, Kansas and an eight-county service region. The college is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees and is responsible to the community it serves and to the State of Kansas. Dodge City Community College recognizes the existence of individual learning styles and is committed to providing quality instructional programs, student support services, and affordable lifelong learning opportunities. The college challenges students to initiate and maintain academic, technical, physical, spiritual, social, and personal growth.

The provision of higher education is a public responsibility. Therefore, Dodge City Community College recognizes the need to maintain a viable relationship with the community it serves. Furthermore, Dodge City Community College recognizes that all persons have a fundamental right to seek self-fulfillment through responsible participation in the learning environment.