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Business Office

Dodge City Community College’s business office supports the school’s current operations and future growth. Its main functions are developing and monitoring budgets, creating financial reports, and maintaining inventory records for physical assets.

These measures inform the strategic planning efforts of the President and Board of Directors and help the school continue to serve the ongoing needs of students and the community. In all that we do, we strive to support the school’s mission, enabling the campus to have the facilities and supplies necessary for high-quality learning and supporting faculty and staff in their efforts to create a student-centered environment.

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Jeff Cermin

Vice President of Administration and Finance/CFO

Business Office Staff

Lynette Kessen

Exec Asst to Vice President of Administration and Finance/CFO

Shirley Stanton

Bookkeeper II/Accountant

Marinita Aragon

Accounts Payable Clerk

Amanda Hagle

Accts Rec Clerk - Student Billing/1098T's

Becki Kisslinger

Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk