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DC3 Student Nursing Association Presents Friendship Feast With Donation

Published May 14, 2018

On Friday, May 4th, the DC3 Student Nursing Association presented Friendship Feast with a check for over $200.00, raised by the students and faculty of the DC3 Nursing Program. Friendship Feast is a non-profit organization offering freewill donation meals to the public as is funded solely on donations and contributions from the community.

“Some of the students went there as part of a clinical experience and helped serve,” said Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator Christy May.  “They were touched by the fact that the day they were there, they were running very low on donations, but that the staff still offered them lunch as well.  They decided that they wanted to donate the money to Friendship Feast after finding out how much they do for the community and that their donations really go down in the spring and summer after all the holiday donations go down.”

The Student Nursing Association decided to raise money via a Penny Wars fundraiser, which was a competition between faculty and students, where each coin dropped in designated boxes either gained points for their respective teams or took points away. Ultimately, the Level One nursing class won and SNA Treasurer Eva Munoz presented the organization with the donation.

When asked if SNA plans to do similar fundraisers in the future, May enthusiastically listed a litany of fundraisers that SNA has put on recently. “As a need arises, our nursing students see that and find a way to raise money.  Sometimes I have to ‘reel them back in’ and tell them that we can’t give to everyone… but that is part of being a nurse… we want to save and help everyone we can.”