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DC3 Signs Understanding with FHSU

Published August 24, 2018

Dodge City Community College and Fort Hays State University formalized the Articulation Agreement between the two schools in a ceremony on the DC3 campus Thursday.

Dr. Harold Nolte, president of DC3, and Dr. Tisa Mason, president of FHSU, met with dozens of staff and faculty in the DC3 boardroom prior to signing the memorandum of understanding.

The MoU outlines articulation, or transfer, agreements between the two colleges for 20 different programs. Articulation agreements allow for a more seamless transfer of credits and degrees from one college to another, thereby ensuring a fluid course through college for transfer students.

Dr. Harold Nolte, president of DC3 listens as Dr. Tisa Mason, president of FHSU discusses the memorandum of understanding

As Fort Hays is one of the top transfer destinations for DC3 students, officials at both schools work to ensure programs are compatible and students are getting exactly what they’re looking for.

“It’s a matter of matching our general requirements with their requirements so the programs fit together,” said Jane Holwerda, vice president of academic affairs at DC3.

Students and counselors can find the articulation agreements on MyDC3Web so they are able to choose courses they know will transfer.

“It’s a clear pathway for students,” Mason said. “Sometimes they can get can get confused and take courses they don’t necessarily need.”

Dr. Harold Notle, president of DC3 and Dr. Tisa Mason sign the memorandum of understanding

Mason said well-planned articulation agreements are all about driving student success and helping them go after their dreams.

“What’s really great about this,” Mason said, “is that it’s a superhighway to help people identify their dreams and move quickly through Dodge City and Fort Hays to that degree. There is a clearly marked pathway for them.”