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College Hosts First-Ever Transfer Fair

Published October 30, 2018

“We want our DC3 students to come away from today with a real understanding of their options.”

– Chloe Wurst, DC3 Title V advising specialist

The question of what to do next is a principal concern for most students on the campus of Dodge City Community College.

On Monday, those students had the chance to learn about lots of possible answers to that question as the Connection Center hosted the school’s first-ever transfer fair.

The college indeed serves a large number of technical certificate and associate degree students who will complete their career training at DC3 and go directly into the workforce. As a two-year institution however, it logically follows that most students will be looking to transfer somewhere to complete their education.

DC3 students gather in the DC3 Library to meet with some 19 colleges from various states during the first-ever transfer fair

The transfer fair serves to motivate students and encourage their journey by exposing them to the myriad possibilities available for their future.

“Our goal is always to make sure that students are motivated to transfer from DC3 and complete their education at a four-year school, “ said Chloe Wurst, advisory specialist at DC3. “Today is a fun way to show them lots of ways they can accomplish that goal.”

Some 19 colleges from four states as well as armed forces recruiters congregated in the Learning Resource Center at DC3, making their pitch and enlightening students about possibilities.

The Connection Center made sure the event was far more engaging and attractive than the typical humdrum transfer event experience. The college reps were hosted to their own hospitality room to make their time at the college enjoyable, and induce them to continue to come to the campus and recruit DC3 students. Students were greeted at the door of the LRC with a refreshment table, chances to enter for door prizes, and printed guides to help make discussions with college reps more productive and informative.

“We give them relevant, important questions to ask the representatives,” Wurst said. “We want our DC3 students to come away from today with a real understanding of their options.”

DC3 students meet with a KU representative, one of the 19 colleges from four states present at the transfer fair.

The transfer fair provides a clearer picture for a student versus simply looking through a course catalog or college website for information.

“Having the representatives here on campus lets our students get the real details about things like campus life, academic support, groups and organizations, housing opportunities,” Wurst said. “They are able to get specific answers that they could never get from a catalog.”

The transfer fair was a coordinated effort between the Connection Center, the Student Achievement Resource Center, and DC3 maintenance, marketing, admissions, and academic affairs.

By Scott Edger