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Adult Learning Center Holds GED Graduation Ceremony

Published May 15, 2019

Twelve people graduated from Dodge City Community College’s Adult Learning Center GED Program on the evening of Friday, May 10, 2019.

Director Brandie Ferguson says that while many people who complete the GED program do so for job opportunities or advancement, many others are preparing for further education or training.

“We encourage transitioning to postsecondary education at DC3 for as many students as we can,” Ferguson said.

One student has already earned her CNA certification through DC3 and two others are registered for fall classes. Ferguson said at least half the class is going on to some form of advanced instruction.

“We had a man this time who completed his GED and was able to switch jobs and more than double his salary,” Ferguson said. “He did that in three months.”

Students are required to spend at least eight hours a week in class. They are given an assessment prior to starting the program and then another after 40 hours to measure their progress.

Staff plans to expand sign-up dates next year so students will have four opportunities to begin the GED program throughout the year.

People interested in the DC3 GED program can contact the ALC at 225-4230.

By Scott Edger