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DC3’s Math Boot Camp Helps Students Succeed

Published August 9, 2019

For students with very low levels of math proficiency, trudging through developmental math classes can be a long, tedious endeavor. And having to take several consecutive math classes that don’t actually count toward a degree can be discouraging to students already struggling with the subject.

The Math Boot Camp at Dodge City Community College is designed to give those students a chance at skipping some or all of those developmental classes.

The week-long camp introduces students to the math program utilized by the college, and many of the school’s math instructors. With the help of those instructors, students practice elements on which they are having the most trouble.

At the end of the week, students take the Accuplacer test once again, and according to their result, may be able to avoid some of the developmental courses, saving students time, money, and frustration.

“It can help a student avoid three semesters of math classes,” said math professor Stephanie Gruver. “We have students every year that at the end of the week test right into college algebra. Even if they don’t test out of a class, the skills they learn during the camp will help them be successful.”

The Math Boot Camp is free and participants receive a t-shirt as well as a six-month subscription to MathXL for attending.

By Scott Edger