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DC3 Offers New Official Email Addresses for Students

Published April 7, 2020

ConqMail, which is the new official email system for Dodge City Community College (DC3) students, has arrived!

“Thanks to the hard work by Paul Johnson and Tyson Culver, the DC3 IT Department is proud to announce that we have provided all active students—2018 to present—with an official college email address,” Mike Webster, DC3 director of educational technology, said.

DC3 students have been notified, via their personal email on file, about their new ConqMail addresses and have been sent instructions for how to log in. The new email is provided by Google’s Gmail and comes with unlimited email and Google drive storage— and full access to DC3’s Google Suite for Education.

The format for determining a student’s email address is his or her last name followed by his or her student ID number and So, an example address would be, Webster said.

Students also should be able to use their new ConqMail addresses to receive educational discounts from vendors and merchants. One such perk is that DC3 students now have access to VitalSource Helps, which is a company that is giving students up to seven free ebook downloads for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. In order to access the free ebooks, students need to register their new email address with VitalSource Helps. (More information is available at under the “VitalSource Info” tab.)

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