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DC3 Closes CDC Again After Positive COVID-19 Case

Published May 22, 2020

The Dodge City Community College (DC3) Child Development Center, which recently reopened after a month of closure due to the governor’s Stay-at-Home order, closed for a second time today after an individual within the facility tested positive for COVID-19.

“The CDC reopened during Phase 1 of Governor Kelly’s reopening plan in order to provide much needed childcare to working families in the Dodge City community,” Kristi Ohlschwager, DC3 Director of Human Resources, said. “Since reopening, CDC personnel have taken extra precautions including checking for fevers, extra sanitation measures and social distancing accommodations. However, on May 22, 2020, it was reported that an individual within the facility did test positive for COVID-19 and was an asymptomatic carrier.”

As a result of the test results, the CDC staff will be contacting all parents of the children in the CDC to inform them of the potential exposure, Ohlschwager said. “All children and staff were sent home immediately, and all exposed persons will be quarantined for 14 days,” she said.

Ohlschwager said the facility also will remain closed until June 2. However, this date is subject to be extended at any time, she said.

“I would like to applaud our CDC staff for all they have done to serve our community and to provide the safest possible environment for the staff and children by following all guidelines required by the respective authorities,” Ohlschwager said. “While it is unfortunate that these measures did not highlight the individual before he or she was in the facility, our staff responded rapidly and effectively to limit the exposure as soon as they were made aware.”

By Lance Ziesch