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COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines & Protocols

Published June 26, 2020

Dodge City Community College plans to re-open campus for face-to-face instruction starting 2nd Summer Session June 2020. As we prepare for students, faculty, and staff to return to campus, we do so with the following guiding principles in mind:

  • Prioritizing the safety of the students and employees
  • Taking extra precautions with the most vulnerable and high-risk populations
  • Tracking economic and health indicators that will guide judgment calls about reactivating campus life
  • Preserving the in-person college experience

DC3 will follow health and safety guidance from state and federal agencies, and will expect students and employees to comply with that guidance as well. Recognizing that it is impossible to anticipate every unique situation, individuals on campus will also be expected to take personal responsibility to be informed and take actions based on best practices and wise judgment in an effort to protect the health and safety of the college community.

Working Groups (Organizational Governing Structure)

DC3’s efforts to prepare for the opening of campus are currently being coordinated by the COVID-19 Leadership Committee – Chaired by Kristi Ohlschwager.

The following supplemental working groups have been established to focus on specific tasks or groups of people on campus

  • Dr. Holwerda oversees a working group focused on faculty, academic issues, and classroom safety The Academic/General Education includes participation from a variety of faculty, our committed division chairs, Athletics, DCCC-Arizona, Workforce, IT, and Instructional Support administration and staff.
  • Director Ripple and Director Rodenbur have been tasked with overseeing a working group focused on students, campus services, and out-of-classroom student life issues. Members of the sub-committe are: Jennifer Nolan, Jorge Estrella, Katlin Reed, Rodney Clayton, Steward Bortey, Susie Edwards, Margarita Morales
  • Additional working groups are engaged for specific areas on an as needed basis (Resident Life, -Director Morales, Facilities -Director McBee, Business operations-Dr. Forgey, Health/Nursing Clincals and Labs-Director Hailey, Tutoring and Support Services – Director Estrella)

Elements of the Plan

To ensure that Dodge City Community College is fully prepared to safely repopulate its campus, DC3 leadership will continually consult with state and local public health experts to confirm that it is safe to resume and continue campus operations. The potential for a virus to spread by repopulating is not limited to the students themselves—it extends to faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. State and local health authorities will define and articulate the metrics of prevalence to guide institutions in implementing needed mitigation.

Complete Guidelines and Protocols

Find the complete document at

Contact Information

Kristi Ohlschwager

COVID-19 Leadership Committee Chair/Director of Human Resources
620-227-9201 or

Dr. Jane Holwerda

Academic Administrator/VP of Academic Affairs
620-227-9359 or

Jacob Ripple

Athletic Director
620-227-9349 or

Margarita Morales

Director of Residence Life
620-227-9354 or

Gayla Rodenbur

Director of Counseling, Testing & Training
620-227-9232 or