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DC3 Student Competes in Online Music Contest

Published June 2, 2020

Dodge City Community College (DC3) music student, Hector Almendarez, recently competed in the World Music Trophy Competition, which is a voter-determined music contest through Facebook.

Representing first his home country of Honduras, Almendarez won several preliminary rounds before representing the Americas against Africa in a 5,159-6,897 world final loss to Tanalt, a group from Morocco.

“Hector has been a student of mine since he started taking voice lessons as a high school student in 2017,” Kerry Kuplic, DC3 Associate Professor of Vocal Music, said. “He’s been actively involved in the music department, taking courses in music theory, aural skills, several choral ensembles, and lyric diction, as well as applied voice lessons. It’s been really exciting to see Hector grow as a musician and composer. I’m pleased to have played a part in his creative process.”

Almedarez, is just one of the many success stories DC3 encounters every semester, Kuplic said.

“It’s absolutely amazing to watch our students follow their dreams and to see the fruits of their labor. Now more than ever, I think it’s vital that our students know they are supported,” Kuplic said. “Whether they’re here to study music, to become even better athletes, or to pursue their secondary education, I want them to know they are valued and have a place to shine here at DC3.”

By Lance Ziesch