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Campus Talk to Focus on ‘Student Persistence’

Published August 5, 2020

Sean J. Glassberg of Educator Training & Consulting (ETC) will give a presentation to Dodge City Community College (DC3) faculty and staff titled “Active Teaching to Promote Student Persistence” as part of the Fall 2020 In-service on Tuesday, Aug. 11, from 9-11 a.m. The talk, which will be given in Room 212 of the Humanities building, also will be available via Zoom.

“Student persistence is directly related to motivation, in my humble opinion,” Glassberg said. “There is a variety of techniques that faculty and staff can employ to motivate students to succeed and to persist in their goals, whether the goal is to pass a class, earn an A in a class, graduate with an associate degree or earn a diploma or certificate.”

Glassberg said DC3 faculty and staff should come expecting to be engaged during his presentation, which will highlight different strategies instructors can use to help keep students focused on their goals.

“This is not a time for passive learning,” he said. “We will be actively engaged with each other, with a focus on relevant and immediately applicable strategies to help students.”

Dr. Jane Holwerda, DC3 Vice President of Academic Affairs, said Glassberg’s presentations at other colleges in this region have been well received, and he is enthusiastic about coming to Dodge City to work with DC3 faculty and staff.

“We teach most effectively when we share our successes and challenges with others in positive ways,” Holwerda said. “And whether we’ve taught for one year or for 20, there’s so much more we can learn from each other about student engagement, best practices, and professional development.”

Glassberg has more than 18 years of academic and professional experience, ranging from teaching English at community colleges and universities to training industry and technical professionals to become educators. He created ETC to improve postsecondary teaching after he saw firsthand the need to support instructors who have had no formal introduction to, or training in, the Best Practices of College Teaching.

Glassberg lives with his wife and four young children in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

By Lance Ziesch
DC3 Media Specialist