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DC3 Foundation Announces Scholarship Winners

Published August 13, 2020

The Dodge City Community College (DC3) Foundation recently announced scholarship recipients for the 2020-21 school year.

“The Foundation supports more than 50 scholarships for full-time students,” DC3 Foundation Director, Christina Haselhorst said. “Scholarship awards range from $250 to $1,000, and students are eligible to apply for these scholarships each year through DC3 Financial Aid.”

With many students experiencing added challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, being selected as a recipient is “welcomed news,” she said.

“The nationwide shutdown did affect our investments to the point of concern regarding scholarship awards for this upcoming year,” she said. “However, they rebounded a bit and some extra donations came in, allowing the Foundation to award some of the scholarships, which was a relief.”

While businesses across the nation are having to make tough budgetary adjustments, there are still businesses, organizations, and individuals whose faithfulness extends beyond the strain of COVID-19, she said.

“I am grateful for the committed donors across the nation who submit a small donation each year to the scholarships entrusted to the DC3 Foundation,” she said. “At DC3, because the tuition is so cost effective, we are able to help many more students than a larger, more expensive institution.”

The 2020-21 recipients are as follows:

  • Eldon Becker Education Scholarship: Abigail Billingsley and Mariah Cole.
  • Dick Brown Memorial Scholarship: Anthony Ashley.
  • Krumrey Scholarship: Melanie Whipple, Celeste Konda, and Wendy Aguilera.
  • Jim Bock Memorial Scholarship: Esmeralda Gomez-Garcia, Berenice Casarrubias, and Caroline Huynh.
  • Ann & Norman Ehrlich Memorial Scholarship: Jana Garcia and Adriana Hernandez.
  • DCHS Classes ’60, ’61, ’62, White & Williams Scholarship: Tamara Garcia Rojas and Jasmin Castillo.
  • Elisa Murphy Memorial Scholarship: Alicia Monge.
  • Bernice Williams Memorial Scholarship: Eruvey Salazar.
  • American AgCredit Scholarship: Karen Rios Armendariz and Pedro Dias.
  • Frank & Edith Spaniol Memorial Scholarship: Angel Cervantes-Ramos, Nicole Gayton, Caroline Stephenson, Yamilet Avila Alarcon, Jesus Mercado, Kassandra Solis, Conner Woods, Aidan Procter, Steven Brown, Nohemi Rojas, Collin Berger, Kimberly Aldaba, Lori Belts, Aaliyah Kasiska, and Kristina Lichtenhon.
  • Irene Paulin Nursing Scholarship: Ella Friess and Annie Neuschaffer.
  • Scroggins Nursing Scholarship: Noemi Rodriguez.
  • Lucille Schaapveld Nursing Scholarship: Adrianna Rico-Calderon and Ellyn Aguirre.
  • Glen & Marjory Jeffery Memorial Scholarship: Sydney Bollinger.
  • June Hull Sherrid Nursing Scholarship: Megan Jensen, Ryane Huskamp, and Cristian Cruz-Ramirez.
  • Kevin Pember Memorial Scholarship: Dallie Simmons and William Terrell.
  • Intercollegiate Rodeo Scholarship: Chance Garriott and Makaylah Rhodes.
  • Scroggins Child Care Scholarship: Nicole Nuss.
  • Barnes-Gleckler Memorial Scholarship: Princess Simmons.
  • Clair C. Conard Family Foundation Scholarship: Colbi Cohoon.
  • Bob Schmitt Scholarship: Yohali Cortez and Dalia Hernandez.
  • Ed Alexander Scholarship: Drake Preston and Fisher Helin.
  • Landon Jay Frazier Scholarship: William Michener, Gustavo Da Silva, Jennifer Gonzales, and Dieu-Dionne Nelson.
  • Leslie & Betty Houser Scholarship: Kassandra Aguilar, Adrian Olivares, Evelyn Gonzalez, Ivana Esparza, Kristina Venegas, Angelia Paz, Giselle Herrera Resendiz, Jair Martinez, Kevin Sifuentes Salazar, Bianei Ochoa, Adriana Perez, Krista Ritchart, Dalton Prater, Jessica Guillen, Sydney Seeders, Alexandria Gier, Lizette Moreno, and Jenna Ricker.
  • President’s Scholarship in Honor of Mariett & Gene Kirk: Clay Kelley.
  • Mullin Brothers Foundation Scholarship: Izabella Fralick, Marshall Gillespie, Tynisha Major, Franklin Ramirez, Adrian Mendoza, Coltin Hands, Jazmin Petricoilli, Morgan Wenzel, and Jamie Diell.
  • Marvin Hampton Memorial Scholarship: Laura Santos.

The above list reflects only the Foundation’s scholarships, which means it does not include the full number of scholarships available to DC3 students, Haselhorst said. Students interested in applying for scholarships should visit to view institutional aid options under the “Admissions” tab.

“Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients,” she said. “The DC3 Foundation appreciates all of our donor contributions that make awarding these scholarships possible. And as alumni stories and pictures are pouring in for our 85th anniversary this year, awarding these scholarships is just icing on the cake after so many months of uncertainty.”

For more information on how to become a donor and partner with the DC3 Foundation, visit or call (620) 225-9541.

By Lance Ziesch
DC3 Media Specialist