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Winter Livestock Hosts DC3 Rodeo Team

Published August 18, 2020

On Friday, Aug. 14, Winter Livestock hosted members of the Dodge City Community College (DC3) rodeo team for an evening meet-and-greet cookout at their Dodge City sale barn location.

“The cookout was a chance for Winter Livestock to get to know this year’s rodeo kids, who are primarily agricultural kids,” Gabe Burrows, DC3 Head Rodeo Coach, said. “It’s a good chance for the team to get out in the community and interact with people who have been really good to us.”

Burrows said the college’s relationship with Winter Livestock began in 2019, when they donated funds through the DC3 Foundation that were earmarked exclusively for ag programs.

“Last year, they helped us a lot,” he said. “They were really generous and donated money to the school. Through that, we were able to build new horse pens for the kids, a pipe perimeter fence around the facilities, and we were able to update a lot of our ag classrooms.”

DC3 rodeo team poses with their coach, Gabe Burrows and members of Winter Livestock in front of the Winter Livestock sign

DC3 Foundation Director, Christina Haselhorst, said she is grateful for the college’s relationship with Winter Livestock, and she is glad that the students who benefit from their generosity get a chance to meet them.

“I think the cookout was a fantastic idea,” she said. “It’s another way we can grow and strengthen our partnership with Winter Livestock—and also get our students more involved in the community.”

Burrows said he is incredibly thankful for Winter Livestock’s ongoing generosity, and he is excited about partnering with them for future projects.

“I appreciate all of their support and how they have helped my kids and how they have helped the school,” he said. “It’s just really nice that somebody wants to help.”

By Lance Ziesch
DC3 Media Specialist