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DC3 Hosts Employee Recognition Banquet

Published May 11, 2023

Dodge City Community College (DC3) hosted its 2023 Employee Recognition Banquet on Thursday, May 4, in the Great Western Hotel building at Boot Hill Museum. Employees who have been employed at DC3 for five, 10, 15, and 20 years were honored for their dedication to the college. Because the five-year designation was new at this year’s event, any employees with five to nine years of employment were recognized in this category.

Photos by Lakin Scheck

Pictured, left to right, (for 20 years) are Dr. Jane Holwerda, Vice President of Academic Affairs; (for 15 years) Theresa Ochs, Child Development Center Director; Laurie Barb, Professor of Cosmetology, (for 10 years) Brian Johnson, CDL Coordinator/Instructor; Melanie Smith, Director of Advising; Kerry Kuplic, Associate Professor of Vocal Music; Michelle Richardson, Associate Registrar; Maria Rojas, Director of Adult Learning Center; and Andrew Nolan, Purchasing/Central Stores Office. Not pictured in the 10-year category are Dr. Mary Scott, Professor of Biology; and Greg Stelle, Maintenance Carpenter.

Pictured, left to right, (for five years) Dr. Harold Nolte, President; Dr. Mechele Hailey, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health; Dr. Anthony Aragon, Professor of Biology; Stephanie Gruver, Professor of Mathematics; Tina Briseno, Professor of Cosmetology; James Burkhard, Security Officer; Jennifer Lix, Associate Professor of Nursing; Sherry Curtis Rogers, Professor of Physical Science; Ginger Rupp, Professor of Nursing; Jorge Estrella, Director of Student Achievement and Resources Center; Todd Gilman, Support Engineer; Daemian Serna, Maintenance/Grounds; Heather Smith, Director of Wellness Center/Athletics Administrative Assistant; Josue Gomez, Director of Financial Aid; Michael Webster, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology/CIO; Jay Gooldy, Instructor of English; Bennie Wiley-Bethea, Campus Counselor; Daniel Dawson, GED/ESL Instructor; Kristi Ohlschwager, Assistant Vice President of Administration and Human Resources; and Christina Haselhorst, Director of Foundation and Community Relations. Not pictured are Kamilla Blackwell, Maintenance and Facilities Administrative Assistant; Marcus Coca, Maintenance/Grounds; Nikki Debnam, Associate Professor of Nursing; Corey Garcia, Maintenance Carpenter; Justin Hergert, Fleet Operations Manager; Dr. Adam John, Provost; Kathryn O’Neil, Associate Professor of English; Tracy Reynolds, Professor of Nursing; Jacob Ripple, Athletic Director; Maria Sanchez, Custodian; Jared Stevens, Director of Facilities and Operations; and Joshua Thompson, Director of Security.