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2023 DC3 Graduate Named Residence Life Supervisor

Published June 30, 2023

Recent Dodge City Community College (DC3) graduate, Lindsey Crowell, took over as the college’s Residence Life Supervisor on June 1.

Crowell, who is originally from Pueblo, Colo., graduated in May from DC3 with an Associate of Arts degree.

“It has been very interesting to see everything that goes on behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly,” she said. “I look forward to meeting all of the new students and can’t wait to see what this exciting year will bring.”

As a student, Crowell said her favorite parts of her DC3 experience were being a part of the track and field team and being an on-campus resident assistant (RA).

“Being a part of the track team allowed me to make countless fun memories of going to practice and meets with my friends,” she said. “And being an RA allowed me to put on events and make the dorms a fun and welcoming place for other students.”

As a result of serving as an RA, Crowell said she got to see what it would be like to work with the college’s Residence Life staff. And due to this positive experience, when she heard about the open position, she decided to apply.

“I felt that I would be good fit,” she said, referring to the Residence Life Supervisor position. “In February of this year, I talked with Dr. Jay Kinzer, Lewis Mize, and Tracy Shaw, and I told them I was considering applying for the job. They were all very excited. So, I submitted an application for the job in March, and I got called for an interview in April.”

Lewis Mize, DC3 Director of Residence Life/Judicial Affairs, said it has been great seeing Crowell make the transition from student to staff.

“Her having been a recent student, not to mention a student-athlete and RA, gives her a unique insight that is highly beneficial to our other staff members,” he said. “The students will have someone who literally went through what they are going through. She is excited to be an advocate for the students in this new capacity, and I feel her positive energy and outlook pushes us even more as well.”

Mize said that when Residence Life staff began interviewing students for 2023-2024 RA positions, several of the candidates stated that Crowell was an example of the kind of RA they wanted to be, because she had helped them so much.

“She was an outstanding resident assistant with clear leadership abilities, and she has continued that trend as a professional staff member,” he said. “Lindsey has the skills and abilities to be a positive asset to not only Residence Life, but Dodge City Community College as a whole. If higher education is where she wants to be, she has a chance to go far within it and make a huge impact on students along the way.”

By Lance Ziesch
DC3 Assistant Director of Marketing and Community Relations