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Change Your Degree, Major, or Certification

Students declare their degree and major upon application to DCCC.

It is critical that students have an accurate and up to date degree and major declaration as the information can impact financial aid as well as graduation status.

It is highly recommended you reach out to your academic advisor and financial aid before completing this process to ensure understanding of the impact this may have on your financial aid and graduation status.

Students may submit this form at any time, however they will only be processed twice each semester: The 3rd weeks of August, October, January and March.

What is my Degree, Major, or Certification?

You can see your declared major on your MYDC3 student portal by clicking the Student Tab My Course Needs My Degree Progress.

How do I change my Degree, Major, or Certification?

To change your degree and/or major complete the Major Update Form by logging into your MYDC3 student portal ConqForms Student Registration Major change.