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Let’s Go CONQS! We are so excited you are a part of CONQ Nation and can’t wait to watch you do great things in the classroom as well as on the field, court, arena, course, mats or track. At DC3 Academic Advisors assist student athletes to create an action plan toward graduation, provide academic transfer planning, and enrollment support.

As DC3 athletics is a NJCAA division I school, student athletes may also need to consider the NJCAA “Enrollment Eligibility” standards. In order to assist students in maintaining these eligibility standards while continuing to meet their academic goals, academic advisors utilize the “NJCAA Enrollment Eligibility Standards – DCCC” worksheet below during advising sessions. Student athletes are highly encouraged to become familiar with this information, as well as reach out to their coaches or athletic administration concerning enrollment eligibility questions as final eligibility is the responsibility of DC3 coaches and athletic administration.

Additionally, we have added the “NCAA Guide for Two-Year Transfers” from the NCAA website to further assist you with your NCAA transfer opportunities and questions.

NJCAA Enrollment Eligibility Standards – DCCC

NCAA Guide for Two-Year Transfers