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CDL/Commercial Truck Driving

The CDL/Commercial Truck Driving program at Dodge City Community College trains students in the necessary skills to enter the industry. Students learn vehicle equipment control, set-up and inspections, basic maneuvering and handling, backing, over-the-road driving, and preventive maintenance. The trucking-driving profession is one of the fastest-growing  job markets in the country.   Students can earn an unrestricted CDL Class A License (manual transmission), or they can opt for a restricted CDL Class A License (automatic transmission).



CDL/Commercial Truck Driving Students:


  • Receive hands-on training with up-to-date conventional tractors and trailers
  • Receive hands-on training in coupling/uncoupling and inspections
  • Learn about vehicle equipment control, vehicle set-up and inspections, and basic maneuvering and handling
  • Practice driver proficiency


Students are enrolled in the program five times throughout the year.  The program spans eight weeks.  The first two weeks of instruction prepares students to take the three-part state written exams. Class time in the first two weeks is generally held 8:15 am – noon, MTWRF.  The next five weeks of lab/driving instruction is generally two hours per day to prepare for the state driving exam – inspection, basic skills control (backing), and on-road driving.  Week 8 involves testing at local DMV.  Students learn in/on the same equipment they will use to test.

Find your plan of study in the 2021-22 Course Catalog.



Program Courses:

CDL 101           CDL Test Prep and Defensive Driving               2 credits

CDL 102           CDL Permit                                                      2 credits

CDL 103           CDL Inspections                                               2 credits

CDL 104           CDL Range Driving                                           1 credit

CDL 105           CDL Road Driving                                             1 credit






8 credit hoursFord CountyOut-of-CountyNon-Kansas
Incidental Fees$552$712$728
Technology Fee$120$120$120
Program Fees$1,125$1,125$1,125
Total for Automatic Transmission$2,029$2,333$2,429
Add for Manual Transmission$650$650$650
Total for Manual Transmission$2,679 $2,983 $3,079