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CDL/Commercial Truck Driving (8 credit hours)

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Alexander DeVil

CDL Technician

Rhonda Pike

Interim CDL Coordinator

CDL Program Fees — 2023-2024
8 credit hoursFord CountyW/ PermitOut-of-CountyW/ PermitNon-KansasW/ Permit
Incidental Fees$680.00$340.00$680.00$340.00$680.00$340.00
Technology Fee$160.00$80.00$160.00$80.00$160.00$80.00
Program Fees$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00$1,125.00
Course Material Fees$160.00$80.00$160.00$80.00$160.00$80.00
Total for Auto Trans.$2,365.00$1,745.00$2,605.00$1,865.00$2,685.00$1,905.00
Manual Transmission$650.00$650.00$650.00$650.00$650.00$650.00
Total for Manual Trans.$3,015.00$2,395.00$3,255.00$2,515.00$3,335.00$2,555.00

Program Overview

The CDL/Commercial Truck Driving program at Dodge City Community College trains students in the necessary skills to enter the industry. Students learn vehicle equipment control, set-up and inspections, basic maneuvering and handling, backing, over-the-road driving, and preventive maintenance. The trucking-driving profession is one of the fastest-growing  job markets in the country.   Students can earn an unrestricted CDL Class A License (manual transmission), or they can opt for a restricted CDL Class A License (automatic transmission).


Dr. Clayton Tatro

Vice President for Workforce Development