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Dodge City Community College offers the full spectrum of freshman and sophomore math courses, ranging from basic arithmetic to Calculus III and Elementary Statistics.  Our math classes are taught by caring instructors with small class sizes that are conducive to learning.  Relevant technology is used where applicable to enhance the learning experience, including online homework and resources, eBooks, and graphing calculators, with media centers in every classroom. The Academic Success Center provides a critical learning space and tutoring support for most of our math classes, with convenient hours and walk-in or scheduled appointments.

Our math program has a mandatory placement policy so that students start in the math class that is right for them.  The right math class for a student is one in which they have a reasonable chance at success while having the opportunity to learn and be challenged.  Students are placed using one of the following:

  • Accuplacer Score (taken on campus)
  • ACT Score
  • Previously taken college math courses

If you plan on taking the Accuplacer placement exam:

We highly recommend that students study before taking the placement exam and try their best when taking the exam. This could save you time and money.

While the internet has a plethora of free resources for studying math, Khan Academy is of exceptional quality and can be used to help you prepare for the Accuplacer Placement Exam for math.  Work through the exercises found at this web address: Every exercise has an accompanying video to explain the concept and most exercises have solutions or examples to show you how to work the problems.

For students who do not place into College Algebra (or higher), we offer a College Prep Math sequence of classes or Intermediate Algebra to help.  Which class a student should take depends on their placement. Once you begin somewhere in this sequence, a C or better is required to advance to the next course in the sequence.  Earning a C or better in Intermediate Algebra permits you to enroll in College Algebra.

If you’re a Math or Science major:

We offer all the math classes you will need over the first two years for your major. Our upper-level math classes are typically small in size, so that you will get more personalized attention. The instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to help you learn.  You will get a great math education because we are student-centered and education-oriented.

See the Course Catalog for a description of the courses mentioned and to see the other math courses offered at Dodge City Community College.

Course Requirements

Find your plan of study in the 2019-20 Course Catalog.


Kent Craghead

Professor of Mathematics

Dylan Faullin

Associate Professor of Math

Stephanie Gruver

Professor of Mathematics

Van Kenton

Professor of Mathematics