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Maintenance Vehicle Sale

17 days, October 25–November 10, 2017
Maintenance will be selling excess vehicles that we are no longer using.  Vehicles will be located at the maintenance building and bidding information will be done via paper bids submitted to central stores.  Bidding will close on November 10 and the successful bidder will be contacted on November 13.  Pictures have already been taken and can be sent over or if you want you can take new pictures.   All vehicles will be sold as is and the estimated value does not constitute a required minimum bid and there is no reserve price.  Bidding sheets can be requested via email or by picking one up at the maintenance office.  Each vehicle being bid on needs a separate sealed bid.  Those vehicles include the following:

Contact:  Justin Hergert @ 620-227-9386 or
Used Vehicle Bid Sheet

VehicleVINApprox. MileageEstimated Value
2003 Dodge Ram1D7HA18N53J667396209,500$2,700
1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette1GHDU06E2VD141428133,100$1,080
2009 Dodge Charger2B3LA43VX9H59847293,000$3,500