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Dodge City Community College Apply Now


Join us November 2, 2019 at the safe house, the Student Activities Center, for the DC3 Foundation Gala Dinner and Auction! Our mission is to raise $100,000 for the Foundation and for Scholarships benefitting Dodge City Community College.

Pssst…confidential and secret communication from MoneyPenny: The DC3 Foundation Gala Dinner & Auction is coming. November 2, 2019. Your mission, should you accept it, is to come dressed as your favorite James Bond character, Bond girl, or if you dare…as yourself…and commiserate with your fellow spies.

Tickets are $50 per spy…uh…guest. Dinner and drinks are provided (some drinks may require you to be of a certain age above 21). Silent Auction (for the super secret spy types) and Live Auction (for the daring and loud spy types).

Sponsor the event and receive tickets with your sponsorship as well as advertising!



SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES…for the your eyes only…super secret sponsor information link here. Don’t tell anyone. Or we may have to…well…you know…thank you later.


ITEM DONATION OPPORTUNITIES…Aston Martin D15 would be appreciated, but MoneyPenny may call us unscrupulous. So instead, would you help us fill our tables for our spies and their cohorts? You can help us by clicking here.¬†