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Check your ConqMail in April for more information

  • Nursing Recognition Ceremony May 11th, 10am – 11am
  • Graduation Ceremony May 11th, 3pm – 4pm

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Last Day to Apply is March 20th, 2024!

Graduation and Commencement FAQ

How much will my regalia (cap and gown) cost?

DC3 provides regalia to our graduates free of charge.

Where and when can I pick up my regalia?

Regalia is usually dispersed the Thursday and Friday before Commencement. You should receive an email with the specific times and dates for in person pick up.

How many guests can I have at commencement?

There is currently no limit to the number of guests who can attend, though we highly recommend that they arrive before 3 pm.

When will I receive my diploma?

It depends on when you graduate. If you complete in Fall (December) your diploma will be mailed or available to pick up by February 1st. If you complete in Spring (May), your diploma will be mailed or available to pick up by July 1st. If you complete in Summer (August), your diploma will be mailed or available to pick up by October 1st.

How will I receive my diploma?

On the Graduation Application you will have the option to select to have it mailed to a specific address or to pick it up in person.

When can I request my official transcript showing my graduation date?

Official degrees will be electronically conferred by the Friday 1 week after the end of Final Exams for the completing semester. You can request your transcript through or on a paper request form from Student Services at any time during the semester. If you want it held until your degree is conferred, you will need to select that option in your request. We will then wait to process your request until after degrees have been conferred electronically.

How many commencement ceremonies are held?

DC3 has one commencement ceremony per year. It occurs in May the Saturday before finals week. Graduates who are verified On Track to complete their degree in the immediate summer semester can opt to participate in the commencement prior to completion, but others will be required to wait until the following year if they wish to participate in a ceremony.

How do I get a diploma cover?

Diploma covers are given out during the commencement ceremony.

Where can I get my Honors cords or PTK stole?

You will receive your Honors cords when you pick up your regalia. PTK stoles will also be available at that time, or you can purchase the deluxe options directly through Phi Theta Kappa.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Registrar’s office at