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“We at Dodge City Community College believe you’re never too young to start thinking about college! Our Junior Conquistadors are the driving force for the future.”


Here are some downloadable coloring sheets

The Great DC3 Scavenger Hunt

How it works: Junior Conqs will find all the different stickers located with bobble heads and mark each spot on the map. When their map is completed, they are able to come to the student union where they will see Logan Gleason to enter a drawing. Last day to turn in a finished map will be July 30th, 2021.

Ages: 13 and under may participate.

Prizes: On July 30th we will announce the winners of the two Conq baskets.

Attached you will find the Clues and Map if you can add a link to them 😊

Would you like DC3 to visit your class or school to talk about our programs?

Brittany Gladbach

Director of Admissions and Student Life